Thursday, July 30, 2009

Please pass the Salt

Sleep = non-existent. I laid awake, sweating, ick. It's nights like these I want to shave my damn head. I pulled myself out of bed and weighed myself before swim. I was down 2.2 lbs from bed time. I'm glad I checked because that is too much water to have lost throughout the night. I would need more sodium then yesterday to get through the double I had planned for today.

AM swim
1 x 500 Warm up

1 x 200 paddles;10
2 x 25 kickboard; 20 (ugh, this is soooo hard! I hate kicking)
1 x 200 buoy; 10
2 x 25 kickboard; 20
repeat 1 x

4 x 50s - One arm catch up down/ high elbow finger drag back

Main Set
4 x 100s; 10 (first 75 easy/last 25 hard)
4 x 100s; 10 (first 50 easy/last 50 hard)
4 x 100s; 10 (first 75 hard/last 25 easy)
4 x 100s; 10 (all hard!)

Cool down
1 x 500

Total yardage - 3800 yards

Mr. Speedo was at the pool again, this time he swam in my lane. I wish he hadn't because I realized he was MUCH older or at least looked much older then my views at a distance...and I'm sad to report he had a buther face :( . Candid? Me? Oh well, I don't shit where I eat anyways. He still swam at a decent clip which provided the motivation for me to swim just a tad bit faster.

Evening run

The words that described the evening workout......
Blazing, , dizzy, sweaty, hot, glowing, molten, salty, sizzling, tired, free, overheated, feverish, pink, flushed, inflamed, thankful, muggy, steamy, "Not AQUA RUNNING!" broiling, burning, happy, fiery, piping hot, red-hot, hot-mess, roasting, scalding, scorching, searing, sultry, superheated, sweltering, vacuum, happy thoughts,

Today I was given a nice little break from the heat as it was 5-10 degrees cooler the yesterday. I ran smart and filled a zip lock up with ice cubes that conveniently fit inside my sports bra :) At 96 degrees I ran off up into the Twilliger Curves. Hills - ugh. Why did the beginning have to start with hills? My HR soared up to 170 as I was running a sad 10 minute pace. The heat felt like it was sucking the life out of me. The first 15 minutes were the worst. I really wanted to stop and walk but if I did I would allow the workout to defeat me. Once again this wasn't about pacing or even running, it was about mental toughness. I must continue to run forward - even if it was a slow run or :gulp: jog, I was NOT walking. I just kept telling myself to suck it up. The heat was just a mind %%#@. I had sodium loaded and hydrated throughout the day. I had what I needed to pull out an 1-1/2 hour run. With positive words repeating in my head I was able to tune out heat wave I was running though. "I'm not aqua running" I yelled aloud at one point. Oooo, Shade - yay. Oooooo, Cute boys without their shirts on - yay. More hills - ick. More boys - yay. 25 minutes in and I was acclimated. I finished the 5.2 run in a slow but none walking 8:50 pace.

I cooled down with a 26 minute barefoot run at Dunaway track. 6 laps on the grass around the inner loop and 6 laps on the out track lane. Easy, breezy 8:40 pace. Oddly enough my avg HR was 157 - not as high as I had thought!

Total mileage 8.4

Tomorrow is a much deserved recovery day. I'm going to enjoy it and get a little "girly"...if that is at all possible.
Another loooooong weekend ahead.

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