Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Evening ride into the sunset

This was supposed to be recovery but the wind and hills had another plan for me. I took it easy as really that's all I have in me. Today I was tired, pretty much all day. I've heard of delayed on set muscle soreness but delayed on set fatigue? Ugh, fatigue is no fun at all. Even though my tail was draggin' pretty much all day I still had enjoyable ride. I spun up the hills and glided up, down and all around the Skyline rollers. I think at several points I had a ghost following me around trying to push me off my bike, stupid wind.

26 miles 1500+ of elevation gain
Max watts 356/ Normalized avg watts 159 / avg watts 136
Max HR 179 (first big hill, my legs nor lungs were warmed up yet)/ avg HR 145

I'm discontent with a whole lot right now, I hope I can come to my senses and figure things out soon.

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ironwill said...

Sounds like a beautiful ride (other than the ghost ;) Hang in there, I hope you find your answers soon.