Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chillaxin' Sunday

*Sleep was poor, legs twitched all night :(
*5:20am I finally got fed up and got up for the morning
*An hour of Pilates, a good breakfast and a little nap helped a ton
*Put in an hour or so of weekend work, I like my job enough to take it home with me :)
*Hanging out with a friend that was recovering from their first 50 mile run put my aches and pains in place.
*Mmmmm, true french style french toast with peaches - to die for
*Open water swim in the chilly Columbia off of Sauvie's Island felt great on my legs! Surprisingly enough I had some good energy, enough to swim sans wet suit against the current. It was 90 degrees today, who wants to swim in a wetsuit?
*41 minutes swimming out to "the pole" an astonishing 12-13 min return! The current going out was strong! I was swimming in an endless river, going nowhere.
*Four Loko Watermelon is like a rejected Jolly Rancher, ick
*Blueberries are the best when you pick them yourself....even if your rinsing them in your sweat.
*Habenaro raspberry hot wings are delightful, as are fried pickles.
*Laying in a freshly made bed with the cool air fan blowing down upon you is a great way to end a very long hot weekend.

Looking forward to waking before dawn to get a nice and easy long run on. My body loves me again :)

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