Monday, July 27, 2009

Sometimes I listen

Yesterday was odd. I started in a funk with a whole lot of melancholy. Saturday's brick WORKED me and provoked self doubt. The fatigue that carried into Sunday and the new found fear was depressing, add women pains and you have one hot mess. Thankfully I listened....I listed to my body and took rest that was needed, I listed to another endurance athlete and looked at my "A" race from another perspective, I listened to my PMS and ate yummy food without guilt. This BULL listened and it did a world of good.

I awoke this morning refreshed and re-energized. Laced up my running shoes and hit the open road at 5am for an easy 2 hour LSD run. 5 am and it was already 70 degrees out side! The workout was pretty non eventful. I ran a slow and easy at a 9 min pace and enjoyed being alone with my thoughts and watching the sunrise.

I was happy I had the motivation to run before work as it reached over 100 when I got off and I experienced heat hives. Got to love hives! I don't have AC at home and it's supposed to be over 100 all week. I hope the hives go away, they hurt :(

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