Friday, July 17, 2009

It was all a matter of time

I knew it would happen, it always does....the question really falls down to when. Weekend after weekend of long training workouts, usually the endorphins of such workouts will carry me through the work week - but not this week. This week Oscar my evil head appeared. Long time no see. Yes, I have an evil head - it resembles something like the Mike's hard lemonade commerical.

I'm sure you all have one as well, maybe just not as crazy as I tend to talk back to it :) Monday I was tired, Tuesday was a little worse. The amount OT I've been putting in at work hasn't helped my fatigue. I'm grateful that I love my company and what I do for a career so I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing out that training +work+ life can = too much sometimes. I should have given myself more then 2 days to recover before jumping back into the daily grind. The 5lb water/carb weight gain from the bike ride wasn't helping my mental state. Tuesday night I tweaked my left abductor during a run, bad enough that the knot stayed with me for a couple of days. Wednesday night Oscar appeared and I knew it was time to take some more R & R. I wanted to swim and run on Thursday but knew I needed to let my leg heal...or I would screw myself yet again. The potential injury and fear of returning to aqua running put me into forced rest and was a complete mind &^$&! Not to mention my phone decided to died and I had to deal with Verizon's BS for over 2 hours!

TGIF - I woke up today with no abductor pain, a new phone and new found energy. I'm opting to give myself another day off from biking/running just to keep things on the "safe" side.

AM Swim
8 x 500's - each one felt really long and slow, maybe because it's a %^# ton of yards? Landed on 8:45-9:00s and gave myself 45-60 min rest between - swimming time 1:10:03/ 1:45s - which I am happy with.

I've got another long training weekend ahead of me and I can honestly say I am looking forward to it :)

I was recently asked a question that I couldn't respond to, I did not know the answer.

Q. What is it you want?
Now this is a very broad question and it was asked in context to several different things.
After sitting and pondering it for a few days I think I have found my answer.

A. I only want what I can not have. Nothing good ever comes easy. Once I set my mind on something I achieve it (that could sound wrong and right in many ways) then I move on to the next whatever it may be. I don't stick with anything for too long for once it becomes easy it becomes boring.

I look back at this answer and I think in some ways it's good - always look for bigger and better things and in other ways bad - as I can not settle. It's bittersweet I suppose. I wonder if I will ever find that one thing that will make me settle......

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