Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Be It

Warm Up
1 x 500

4 x 50 - catch up/high elbow finger drag; 10
1 x 300 buoy; 10
4 x 50 - extended pull down/water splash
1 x 200 easy

Main Set
6 x 200s on the 3:30 - 3:10, 3:14, 3:12, 3:15, 3:15, 3:17 (ugh, I had too much coffee before swim and acid reflux kicked in on the 4th interval. Nothing like tasting your stomach lining. Mmm, mmm, good)

1 x 100 easy
2 x 200 - 50-Aok, 50 fist, 50-karate, 50 sprint

Cool down
1 x 500

Total yardage = 3400

Evening Ride
Up the West Hils - Skyline Rollers and back down - 25 miles
I took it very easy on this ride. My left abductor is still a little pissy and I didn't want to make things worse. For the most part I didn't feel it while I was riding. I felt it after, but not any worse then before. I may take the next 2 days off from running or biking to let the irritation go down. We'll see how it feels in the morning.
I grew an evil head to night, my attitude went to shit and I pretty much kept to myself. We all have "those" days right?

Max watts 353/ Avg normalized watts 154, Avg watts 130
Max HR 170/ Avg HR 135

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