Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At love has come around

Ha! I meant my POWER has come around :)

For the first Wednesday night ride in Lord knows how long I actually had POWER. I started strong, maintained power throughout the ride and finished with a negative power split. I think the muscle hardest worked was my core. Marine Drive was throwing out some nasty sideways wind and my core battled in aero position, fighting to keep balance. One point a semi drove by too close + the wind threw me completely out of my comfort zone and a had about 20 seconds of pure shaking - in aero, very much surprised I didn't land up in the ditch in the side of the road. Holding good power today is another indicator my training is on track :) Now for the fun data

Mileage 31.76
Ride Duration 1:35
Energy expenditure 961
Energy consumed (malto) 240kcal + 560mg sodium
Max speed 32.81/Avg speed 19.73
Max HR 177/ Avg HR 160
Max torque 36.27.avg torque 5.78
Max Power watts 353/ normalized avg watts 178/ avg watts 166 (held threshold 190-210 watts for 60 mins :))
Max Power/kg 5.81/ avg 2.73

Ended the ride with an easy 19 min transitional run - 8:45 pace, even got a buddy to join me in the brick :)

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