Sunday, January 17, 2010

Training is coming along, mile after mile

AM Run - Trail Run on Hagg Lake - 90 min time duration.
I decided to join the local tri club form a muddy run along Hagg Lake. It was so muddy that I almost lost my shoe twice! But none the less, good run with good people!

PM Swim
Warm Up
1 x 300

1 x 100 -single arm 6 x Right, 6 x Left , 6 by both - repeat 0:15 rest
4 x 50 DPS drills 0:10
DPS - Distance Per Stroke - 36, 38, 38, 35 - 38, 37, 34, 37

Main Set
1 x 400 - paddles 0:60
1 x 400 - paddles & buoy - 0:60
1 x 500 - free 0:60

Cool down
3 x 50 - on back dolphin kick, core work
1 x 150

Total yardage - 2500

This is the end of my phase one training. I was able to finish the week with 14 1/2 hours and I feel pretty good. Tomorrow starts the first day of my active recovery week. I will end it well rested to have my Vo2 retested on Saturday. Sunday I will treat myself to a swedish lactic flushing Swedish massage.
I feel good with the first phase as I accomplished all the goals I had set.

Such as -
**Eliminate drinking - this was far easier than I had thought it would be. Alcohol affects my performance too much, therefor it is an easy elimination. Although, I am treating myself to some red tonight, as tomorrow is recovery and a little is good for the heart :)
**Swim, Bike and Run at least 3 x each for a week - done.
**Keep up pilates and trigger point - I've been able to get in 1-2hrs of Pilates a week and hit my Trigger Point during lunch at work and during the evenings before bed. I can not express how much these two aid in injury prevention, joint lubrication and flexibility.
**Eat clean - this has probably been the easiest transformation. I highly enjoy cooking and from what I've heard I do it well. Which makes eating healthy enjoyable.

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