Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recovery at best

2 hour Spin - Thoughtless and easy - the way recovery should be.
Energy, muscular power and motivation is fully restored. Just need to keep it on the DL one more day - then it's on to phase 2.

90 min massage - in which I was turned into a minced meat. The lady who preformed the massage was small, it made me wonder how she inflicted so much pain.....then I noticed her feet were not on the floor and she lifted by pushing all her body weight into my lats....Oy! For the love of ********!!!!!!
Eating raw foods and drinking several gallons of water with hopes of not getting the lactic/flu like symptoms I'm so prone to.

1 comment:

Big Daddy Diesel said...

90 Mins!?!?! How where you able to walk after that, I would have wanted to nap right there and then.

I wish my coach would throw me some recovery.