Monday, January 25, 2010

Never let your head hang down.NEVER GIVE UP AND SIT DOWN

AM Spin - 75 mins

15 min warm up
5 x 1:00 high cadence max out watts/ - avg 250-260, 2:00 floats - battery on the power tap died out on my last recovery float %^#$%%$#%#$$^%^%&*^&*^&*^@%^$^$^&%@&*^#*&*#&(@&#)!&#(*&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 x 10:00 big ring intervals w/ 3:00 floats
5:00 min cool down

I don't know what was more difficult, the max out watts or the longer big ring intervals. Both hurt like a B**** but for different reasons. The max out watts pushed my anaerobic threshold while the big ring tested my aerobic threshold and muscular endurance. I was limited by strength on the big ring. My quads have shrunk to nothing and I can feel the power loss. I wish my battery hadn't crapped my watts my have told another story. PE would tell me I was pushing 180-190 on the big ring, but who really knows. What I do know is the first set hurt, the second set made me want to quit and the third set made me dig deep within the lactic build up brewing and inflict a little pain back onto Carnage. I will NOT give in, I will NOT quit.

I swear Zoot's CompressRX Recovery tights are a Godsend. My quads were spasming like a mother***** post workout. My tights put a nice little stop to that :)
Afternoon Trigger Point - Handed me my A**! BUT by evening my legs felt good as new.

Evening Swim
1 x 300 warm up

1 x 150 paddles
1 x 150 buoy
1 x 150 paddles and buoy

Main Set
4 x 50 - DPS - (#1 38, 37, 35, 38 #2 36, 35, 38, 38 - ugh, I had nothing)
6 x 50 progressive breathing per stroke 2, 4, 6
6 x 50 (1-3 progressive, 4-6 progressive.
Start easy getting fast, #1 and #4 at the same speed)
repeat 1x

Cool down
3 x 50 - on back dolphin kick - core
1 x 100

Total yardage - 2600

Swim was pathetic. Energy took a dive.
Again, I had to look deep within to complete the workout.

"Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touch down." - I AM NOT MOST PEOPLE.

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