Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swimming, Pilates, Running...oh MY!

AM Swim -

Warm up
1 x 500

2 x 200 - 50-aok, 50 fist, 50 karate, 50 free; 20

Main Set
1 x 200 (first 100 hard/last 100 easy)
1 x 200 (first 50 easy/100 hard/last 50 easy)
1 x 200 (first 100 easy/last 100 hard)
repeat 1 x

Cool down
3 x 50 on back dolphin kick ; 10
1 x 250 easy

Total yardage - 2500

Oooeee, swim tuckered me out. Rushed home and got my pilates on.
Crammed my tummy full of oatmeal and chia seeds and headed out to meet some friends for a LSD trail run.

2 hour LSD run on the muddy Wildwood
Thank God this was a LSD run as the trail was muddy...and not like a puddle here and there, more like you're running through mud/quick sand and the mud monster is going to eat your shoe ALIVE! The run for the most part was a blast as I ran with great company. The last 20 mins vertigo kicked in and I struggled a bit. I got really dizzy and reflecting back can't recall any of the conversation we had...although I know we had one as I talked most of the time. Thanks Dean (dean's lady friend, sorry my bad with names) and Sue! Oh yea, Ruffio (sp? please correct me on this) too! I love your dog Sue!

Recovery came with badass sushi and heart warming saki. Mmmmmm sushi. I think I ate the whole sushi train :D

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