Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spinning in company

My Saving Grace - Sue's invite for a 2.5 hour spin

Entertainment/or sanity saving brought you by - Andy's copy of The Dark Night and lots of tri talk by a room full of cool tri peeps.

25 min warm up
1 x 15 mins of one legged drills, alternating legs every ;30
5 min recovery
1 x 15 mins of one legged drills, alternating legs every ;30 - these are a b**** and I was cursing under my breath. My watts dropped by 10 on avg and I had difficulty maintaining a full smooth circle on the second set.
Spun at an easy to moderate intensity for a rest of the duration. Watt avg post drills came to 147.
Bike nutrition - 400 kcal w/650 mg of sodium - and I somehow still made a small lake on the floor. I'll need to up the sodium next go around as I started to feel dry mouth/thirsty during the last 30 mins.

Post spin I laced up my Newtons and hit the road for an easy T run.
Easy?! Ha! Right out the door was a steep descent and then a looooong steep ascent (Sue what do think the grade up 102nd is?), short descent.....3 loops around the park, which felt pretty flat and then back. Ok, the hill up to the house, NOT cool. I ran it, kind of felt like a bunny rabbit hoping along. As I was approached each of the sadistic hills along the route I did so in confidence. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself "At least you're not trying to run up Hamilton Mnt on ice!" Which made the task at hand far more achievable and enjoyable. Sue - I think we should do run/hill repeats up it. Are you game? :)

Brick felt good, energy stayed consistent throughout. As the day moved forward my legs started to spasm. Oy, got to love one legged drills! Sipping on some Pedilyte now and I will embrace painful pleasure from the Trigger Point tonight.

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