Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love bricks

2.5hr spin/30 min T run

I got a real treat today - Sue let me borrow Don's compu trainer. Yay! The mind**** you get from intervals is a tad bit easier to deal with when your wattage is set and not something you have to "power"

30 min warm up

10 x 00:30 one legged interval per leg - I hate these!

I'm uber thankful for the compu trainer as my power meter fritzed out again 40 mins in. Eh, WTF? I need a new wiring harness, will order today!

6 x 10 min big ring (55-60 rpms) - 175 watts w/5 min floats at 135
First interval I set was at 190 - this was too hard and I dropped down to 185. Second interval was 180 and I still felt that wasn't power that I could hold for 60 mins of a 2.5 hour the third I dropped down to 175. 175 was attainable. I felt fatigued by the last set but if I was taunted by a slice of cake on a stick - I'd spin for it.

15 min cool down - 140 w

30 min T run - VERY VERY HILLY - up down, round and round. Legs actually felt much better than I had anticipated. I had pretty much no issues :).

Thanks for the spin Sue! Having your and Alana's company made the time fly by.

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