Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'll take Run and Swim Alex....Daily Double!

Morning Run
8.6 miles - PE easy/ 8:45s
AM run sucked serious tail. The effort level was easy but on empty stomach was difficult. I never pushed my pace yet I felt weak. I got dizzy at the light breaks 5.5 miles in, not a good feeling. I ate very well yesterday, I just don't get it. I'm giving this whole - AM workout training w/out breakfast 2 more weeks. If I don't notice some kind of improvement I'm going to see a nutritionist for a second option.

2nd day this week I was cursed with a migraine - this is NOT a good sign. Luckily my co-worker had some Imitrex to spare. I'm going to start carrying my nasal spray again :( blah

Evening swim
Warm up
1 x 400

1 x 50 front skull and kick - rest 0:15
1 x 50 free push and glide - res 0:15
repeat 6 x

Main Set
8 x 50 with buoy, rest 0:15
rest 0:30
8 x 50 with buoy and paddles, rest 0:20
rest 0:30
repeat 2 x

Warm down
2 x 50 - on the back dolphin kick - rest 0:15 (core building- these burn like a mother******)
1 x 50 - free push and glide - res 0:15
1 x 100 easy
repeat 1 x

Total yardage - 3000 yards

I really need to find a new pool. Tonight I got to swim with ignorant 24 HR meatheads. During my intervals they kept trying to stop me and ask stupid question.....How long does it take you to swim a mile? How many miles do you swim? Isn't swimming the best overall cardio for the body? Can you teach me how to flip turn? Want to race? AGH!!! I found kicking very hard near their face shut them up. Last week I swam in a milk bath, these week it was a cattle farm, next week I may run into fruitcakes. It's a food pyramid farm, really.

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Ben M said...

Sounds like you should get a second opinion soon. Stuffing yourself before bed and then not eating in the morning before a workout just seems crazy.

(I'm the one that asked about career advice awhile back. Thanks again!)