Friday, January 8, 2010

One foot in front of the other

How I awoke a minute before my alarm blew sure beats the hell out of me. My body didn't want to wake up. I twisted and stretched in bed as my body replied with moans and groans of fatigue. Ugh. I gave it a minute or two have its pity party and then told it to STFU as I had to run this AM.

6.6 miles / 8:00 avg

I checked my watched before I left the house, just so I knew my start time. My body upper body was stiff from the day prior swim workout and my upper quads were annoyed from the one legged spins. The goal of the training was to run and only run. I'm on my first week of base and the only goal I need to achieve is to get back into a constant rhythm. Running slow, fast or run/walking would do. S***, just getting my tail out of the house with a HR above 120 was a job well done. The first 30 minutes sucked serious tail....I whined the whole time. I kept telling myself to HTFU and that by 30 minutes the fatigue and pain would go it always does. And it did :) I checked my watch upon reaching the doorstep and I had finished with a nice comfortable 8 min/avg - never pushing myself. I love efficiency. I also love my Newtons :)

I limited myself to one workout today as tomorrow will be trainer session/brick through hell. I decided to carb loaded up on some oh-so yummy Pizzacato Pizza w/a great friend and treat my heart well with a glass of red wine. Cheers! Here's to training season.

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