Sunday, January 24, 2010

My life is stellar because.....

I am surrounded by stellar people!

Last night I slept on a heating pad (thanks for the suggestion Jesse) to help relieve the DOMS from the deep tissue massage from the prior afternoon. It helped a little but I still woke up bruised and sore. Eh....time to go run, in the rain none the less.

Easy LSD Trail Run - 11.5 miles (yes Sue, I counted the pee 1/2 mile before I met up with you guys :))
Initially I wasn't too thrilled about running....let me back up a bit. I wanted to run. I wanted to swim, bike and or run. My motivation is back into full swing and I am itching to tear a training session a new one. BUT the weather wasn't appetizing and my lats are extremely sore. Luckily, I had a great group of friends and one badass puppy to run with. Thanks for the invite Sue! Running through pissing down rain is so much better with company :) - I mean this with all my heart. Time flew by and I didn't even really feel cold and wet until I was sitting in my took a couple hours to defrost.

I spent the afternoon catching up with a good friend and indulging in libations.

3 margarita's later and I'm a happy KAT, I think Mark was pretty happy too!

Then later that evening.....

I got a call from a special someone - which made my night.

Yea, all I can say is I'm lucky to be surrounded (near and far away :)) by such amazing, caring, funny, special people. Muah!
Chapter 1 - the end.

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