Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A house is built one brick at a time

Alas, my first brick since IMC

90 min spin - avg watts 141
3.2 mile run/ 8:10 avg

Ugh, this was much more difficult then I had anticipated....and not from the bike/run aspect. I got my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) tested a few weeks ago. It turns out my RMR has dropped 20% in the last 2 years. This is hard for me to conceive as my fitness level is at the highest it's ever been and I have not gained any body fat. I question the reliability of the equipment and the recommendations in diet change from the person who tested me. BUT I put the money down for the test so I'll at least "tri" the nutritional changes that were given for 4-6 weeks and see if there is improvement. If there is not I will probably get re-tested elsewhere.

So how does this pertain to my brick? The advice I received was to get morning training in w/out breakfast. I should be eating enough at night to not deplete myself by morning, thus allowing at least 60 mins up to 2 hours without calories. I wake up in the middle of the night to a growling tummy. The tummy is ferocious by the time I awake. Clearly I am not eating enough at night. So I'm upping the caloric intake in the evening and getting my training in w/out eating in the morning. This is counter-intuitive to EVERYTHING I have learned about nutrition. BUT again, I paid for the test and the advice. I will give the benefit of the doubt and see if it/he is right. I was warned that the first 2 weeks or so would suck ass. That is putting it mildly. It's a good thing I train alone in the morning because I'm sure my evil head Oscar would scare off anyone within 10 ft.

My sleep was uber poor last night. I had one hour at home post swim to do everything that needed to get done before bed. I crammed in the calories, documented my training, got a chapter of Born To Run in and said Au Revoir to the world. My body had other things in mind as my legs twitched and my mind raced all night. I was looking forward to my first brick in lord knows how long. So much it affected my sleep :( I woke up at 4:20, almost an hour before my alarm.....tummy was growling yet again. I ignored it and tossed and turned for the next 40 minutes. By 5am I said "F&^$ it" and got up to get my brick on.

Energy was lack-luster on the bike. My upper body was tired from the swim, my tummy was ravenous (I probably ate a POUND of bento before bed, WTF?!?!?!?) . I allowed myself 2 GUs during the 90 mins on the bike, then I headed off to run. 3.2 miles at 8:10s felt easy....even when Casper the ghost AKA the wind tried to push me over backwards as I ran up hill. As always, I run much better off the bike and energy grows as duration/mileage moves on. It's a good thing I've fallen in love with distance and not speed :O

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