Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to the Stone Age

Tonight was my first for A.barefoot running and B.track work since....maybe the stone age? Ok, maybe that's a little far fetched, more like summer.

12 min easy barefoot on the track - 1.5 miles
I ran with a friend and when she stopped for something I considered running onward, I mean it felt so damn good to run barefoot. That being said I was running in the pissing rain at something like 40 degrees. I lost feeling to my feet with the first few minutes. So my freedom of running barefoot would come with a price later down the line....if I continued onward. I took the smart and safe route and laced up my pretty in pink Newtons to proceed.

I originally intended on doing a tempo run up Twilliger BUT I ran into some other friends (Michele and Carly - you go ladies!) and MJ was going to stay on the track....I decided to stay upon the flat and work on a little speed.
The tempo was very unstructured. I'd run 2-3 laps at full effort and then lap around easy, another 1-2 hard, 1/2 easy. I was all over the board. I checked pacing a few times and was a little surprised to see 6:45-7:00 splits. I should not have been running that fast. There is NO need for me to running those kind of paces right now. I didn't really realize what I was doing until I had lost control of my breath. My legs had an agenda of their own as the flew through the rain. This is good a sign as previously my run limiter was always in muscular strength. Now I have the strength, I just have to work a little on my high end cardio.
Tempo run - 4.5 miles

Total mileage 6 - 45 mins/ 7:30 avg

Thanks for the company MaryJane, it was great running barefoot with you!

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