Sunday, August 16, 2009

What do you think about that?

*How is it possible for machines to have feelings?
*I turn people off
*I turn people on
*My heart stays nicely chilled on a block of ice - sometimes it gets defrosted
*Some think I'm a b#$*@
*Sometimes I am a B^&$#
*I'm sorry that my securities cause others to have insecurities
*I do not give fake apologies
*Do nice guys really finish last?
*I've been told I'm an inspiration, possibly from my perspiration?
*Be blunt, honest and don't I've said before "Sugar is the axis of all evil"
*What's so right about being bad?
*I'm certain I have some form of alien genetics.....sorry mom
*Respect is not given unless deserved
*We are our own worst enemy

If you don't like how I write or what I talk about - you have don't read it. I am me and can only be me.


Nick said...

Very nice. Well said.

Dan said...

Pointed and clicked over from Trifuel... loved this post - I couldn't resist leaving a set of responses.

*It isn't. But the people who made them do.
*We can't please everyone all the time (nor should you try).
*That's good, unless you're not trying to do so.
*Even the most energy efficient freezer needs the occasional defrosting... a huge ice build-up causes things to run poorly.
*Are they right?
*Do you have good reasons?
*No apology necessary.
*Good - the people who need to hear them have much bigger problems.
*I hope not.
*If your actions cause even just one person to make a change for the better, then that makes you heroic.
*Yeah, but I still like cookies.
*Watch out for Government agents.
*Agreed - but sometimes it seems as though some people are really trying to take over the #1 ranking.