Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Invasion of the nats

Well today is the first day that I think I have felt the true signs of taper, wait a minute....let's back up. Last night was the first night with taper symptoms. I laid in bed restless, hour after hour. I kept rolling around, looking at my phone...11:00pm, 12:45am, 1:15am, 2:00am, 4:10am. Finally at 6:10 I got up and got my Pilates on.

The day dragged on. I had plenty of work to keep me busy it just felt as time was moving slow. Not only was time moving slow but I was moving slow. It didn't matter how many shots of espresso I pumped through my veins the energy was not there. How could this be? I haven't done jack s%$#? And why do I still have a ravenous hunger? WTF? I'm trying to stay in control yet I feel like I'm slowly spiraling out of control. The only pleasant part of taper are my day dreams. I'm not one to's kind of nice for a change.

Evening ride - The high reached 97 today, one more element to suck any retaining energy out of me. My outlook was uplifted when I learned Tom our ride leader was only planning on going out for an hour and then finishing off with a short run. Right now I'm all for the shorter workouts. I rode out with the group to the 205 bridge. I decided to push the Marine Drive flat a bit; 160-175w, on the way back I picked it up and pushed 175-200w. I could have easily done more but the sheet of nats we were riding prevented this. I felt like I was Vietnam racing a deserted flat getting pelted by MAC 11's with bugs as ammunition. It was seriously disgusting. When Tom and I got to the park to start our 10 min barefoot run we were covered in layers of bugs. UGH! So GROSS! The park circle we ran in had a nice little swam of them as well. I'll be surprised if when I wake up in the world has not been consumed by nats...they're taking over, watch out!
Thanks for the ride/run Tom, it was nice to have company :)

As I got back to the car I got a txt from Mark.... invite to dinner. Do I ever turn down food? I think not! Finished the evening off with yummy curry and good people. BTW dude, it was finally nice to meet your wife. You're right, she is gorgeous!

Maybe I'll have energy tomorrow....we will see.

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