Sunday, August 23, 2009

One week from today....

and I am freaking the #*&$ out! I keep looking at watch..

7:10 Probably inhaling a lot of water at this point
8:15- hopefully out of the water
9:00 Crusin along on the bike
12:00 Yep, still on the bike
2:00 Why am I still on the bike?
2:30 I don't want to run a marathon...
3:00 Ok, my legs are happy to be off the bike and running
4:00 Run happy
4:45 There's my moma not yo moma! But I'll share....sharing is caring.
6ish It's only a 10k......just a 10k

What should I do when I cross the finish line?


cherelli said...

the Blaze roll? Cartwheel if there's room (risk falling on your head coz your arms give way)? Do a dance jig down the final stretch? Spin on the spot? Looks like the weather could be on the warmer side, a bit of sunshine to keep the spirits up and enjoy the views :) I'm looking forward to hearing you have a great, smart race; you've trained so well this year, listened to your body when you needed to, you deserve to have an awesome IM - now go beat up on that course!!

Rainmaker said...

At the moment you cross the line, or shortly thereafter?

Either way, I'm pretty sure the response will be the same: Sit. That's all you really want to do.

Josh Monda said...

have a friend hand you your cell phone and 'twit' that you just crossed the line! lol. Good luck! You'll rock it!