Thursday, August 6, 2009

The days of my life :/

Wednesday - BAD day (picture of a cat with hair standing up)
*Missed the Wednesday group ride, which was probably for the best. I was in a poor mood and unmotivated - I took the night off instead.
*Overwhelmed with every aspect of life, over emotional to the point of tears.....sometimes things just suck.
*Always to end on a positive, even when I don't feel like it. I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful supportive mother who happens to love sushi just as much as I do. I love you mom.

The good thing is that training wise I don't feel like I'm OT'd. I woke up with plenty of desire and motivation to swim, yesterday was just a bad day. With every other aspect of my life in utter and complete chaos I think it's best to start taper will a little early - planning to continue the long workouts this weekend but at a very easy pace, full taper will start on Monday.

AM Swim
1 x 500 warm up

1 x 250 paddles
2 x 25 kickboard
1 x 250 buoy
2 x 25 kickboard
repeat 1 x

1 x 200 - 50 A-ok, 50-fist, 50-karate, 50 free
2 x 50 - one arm catch up/return with high elbow finger drags

3 x 500 intervals (100H, 50E, 100H, 50E, 100H, 50E, 50H); 1:00 recoveries - 8:23, 8:25, 8:20
Ouch, these were hard. I have a bit of built up anger and sadness it was nice to unleash this on the water.

Cool down
1 x 200

Total yardage - 3700

Swim felt really good.

Evening Run
3 mile easy barefoot run along the outer lane at Dunaway Track - 8:30 easy pace
5.3ish mile run up Twilliger Curves - 8:35 pace
After running barefoot my shoes felt like clouds. I also noticed a big change in my foot strike as I ran on the ball or toe of my foot for at least the first 1/2 of Twilliger. I could feel the aftermath of the barefoot run on my calves as I ran up each hill. I didn't feel anything that caused worry, I could just feel like my calves had been worked. I had a ton of energy on my run and once again unleashed the wrath on my workout.

Tupac's F&^# The World was my training theme song of the day.

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