Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't Rain On My Parade

AM Swim

8 x 500's - 8:53, 8:43, 8:55, 8:40, 8:42, 8:45, 8:52, 8:51
Total yardage - 4,000
I lost myself in the water this morning. I got caught up in my thoughts and on the 3rd 500 instead of flip turning I swam straight in the wall. Lol, the bump on my head woke me up a little...apparently not enough as I swam into the lane line 75 yards later. I felt strong during the workout (minus the 3rd 500)- mind, body and soul....but I was disconnected as well. I've got a lot on my mind.

I leave the gym happy, looking forward to my S'10 vendor meetings with 2XU and Smartwool. Then my smile turned upside down when I realized my car wasn't where I parked it. WTF? Ah yes, pretty sure it was towed. About a month ago they repainted the parking lot and only allocated 8-10 spots for the gym, the rest are painted with names of near by restaurants. I "assumed' (you know what they say about assuming, right?) that I could park there as I always had since the restaurants didn't open until after 10am and the lot was deserted. Well I made an ass out of myself and got my car towed. The employee at the tow company was very lucky that I had brought my cooler/lunch box that held my breakfast in the gym with me. If I would have been w/o food I seriously could have taken his head off. I ate my 2nd breakfast for the day on my mile and a half walk to get my car. Apparently the tow company made a sweep as I met 3 dudes from my gym at the towing lot. $255 and an hour later I got my car back. I'm pretty proud of how I handled the whole situations. The 3 guys at the towing lot were pissed and very vocal about it. Don't get me wrong, I was angry as well but WTF was I to do? I was in the wrong, I shouldn't have parked there....lesson learned the hard way. No reason to dwell on it, life will go on.

Hehe, I do think I took my morning frustration out on the 2XU rep as I pretty much tore apart most of their tri apparel...and don't even get me started on their poor excuse for compression. Really? The line needs a lot of work, they have style but lack a lot of function.

Evening trail run - 60 mins easy, 6 miles
I ended up meeting my buddy Eric, his gf and another one of their friends on the Wildwood trail right before the start. Company on my run is exactly what I needed....being alone with my thoughts for much longer could possibly put me over the edge. I ended up having a fantastic run with fantastic people.

Now I just need to shut off my brain and get some sleep. Anyone have an "off" button I could use?

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