Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going and going and going and zzzzzzz

I should have rolled my legs before bed, I shouldn't have done a two hour trainer session an hour before bed, easy or not. Big difference in riding a trainer and outdoor riding, your legs are constantly spinning.....as I slept or attempted to sleep my legs continued to spin.

Woke up, or did I ever really go to bed? Any who, got out of bed around 5 and I could feel the swelling in my face/eye had gone down. One of my co-workers is a godsend and taught me about topical Benadryl. This helped the burning and swelling without making me too loopy. I was clear enough to go for an easy morning run around the hood.
9.4 miles / 8:45 pace.

I had a lot of energy throughout the day, successful run and accomplished a ton at work. 4pm rolls around and I hit a wall. I try to combat my fatigue with a double shot of espresso, no luck. I feel like an over cooked bird. I opted out of an evening swim and opted in for an evening nap. My 30 min power nap felt like I slept for an eternity. It was truly blissful. I figure I'll spend the rest of the evening being productive, cooking and cleaning. I'm diggin listening to my body :)

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