Monday, August 3, 2009

Hard Cider does a body good, as does a big brick


Bike - 4 hours - 67 miles 2700 ft of climbing
*I was joined with two Ironmen and one Ultra Runner - talk about a bad ass training group
*I felt GREAT considering yesterday I ran 4 hours on trails and achieved extra elevation gain from helping friends move out of their MASSIVE house.
*I found riding out to Multnomah Falls is best enjoyed at 8am - no traffic and 75 degrees is still relatively cool.
*A 4 hour bike ride is now short - when did this happen? Suppose anything after STP in one day is short.
*I wish I could figure out how to get an IV drip of Malto during IMC - that stuff is the elixir of the Gods....well right behind coffee.

Transition Run - 1 hour - 7 miles
*Eh, run was done right after bike - longest transitional run to date and at 12:30ish I wasn't really looking forward to running in the heat..I was also unsure of how my legs would handle running after the 4 hours I put down yesterday.
*Mark biked by my side as I ran back to his place 3.5 miles. Along the way we discussed Hansel and Gretel and how the Germans enjoyed eating children, somehow this turned into a conversation on how we could cook/prepare children in various ways. Lol, totally took my mind off of running in the heat :) - thanks!
*I was smart and had an ice pack in my car, I stuff this in my bra and rocked the uni-boob. It really helped keep my core temp down. What also helped was running through the Pennisula Park water fountains. They glowed and called to me like an angel with a halo.
*Quick aid station at Mark's - more ice as mine had melted 1/2 way in. Mark joined me on the way back - yay, I was not going to be alone!
*I think the way back was hotter then the way there. It was hard because the run was 80% all exposed and it was probably in the 90s by then. We kept trying to find the lessor of two evils - running under the shade or running on the road, this made a lot of zig zagging.
*I finished my second half in a 8:45 avg and I'm pretty sure the first half was faster - IF Mark's odometer on his bike is accurate I pulled out a 8:30 avg on the first half. My avg HR was 149!!!!! in 90 degree heat. This is a HUGE confidence booster. I've found as long as I have someone to run with during IM I think I'm going to be ok. I've always been a social runner :) Good thing there's going to be a ton of people to run with, I've got to get my eye on a hot guy in the 25 up to 35-40 AG :D

Recovered with food and carb loaded up with a hard cider.
I think during the run I will sing - 99 packets of GU on the wall, 99 packets of GU. Take one down pass it around, 98 packets of GU on the wall. Speaking of which, I ran with my GAS Cap, it's a mesh run cap that holds up to 6 GUs at a time. This hat is BADASS. I don't even feel like I'm carrying GU. IM must have!

OW Swim in the Columbia - 40 mins
*Ouch - I was tired at this point....or the hard cider hit me - HARD :)
*Got my OW experience as Roxy aka "the dog" decided to swim over me a few times.
*Swam 25 minutes out, and 15 back - it was a point to point.
*Water felt great on my legs and in the end the swim helped loosen up my back from the ride.

I was a bit out of it after the swim, so what did I do? Lush myself out even more with a Four Loko's. Hey, it gave me energy :) Mmmmm, a massive pile of hot wings later and I was a happy Kat. Ended the night off with good company and of course another hard cider.

Sunday was a VERY good training...uh drinking day.

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You're hilarious!