Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Short and sweet

It started raining (or pouring!) on my drive into the city for the tri club ride. I haven't ridden in the rain for a bit now, spoiled? Maybe :) I opted to run instead of the normal tri club bike ride... and from what I heard about the ride I think I made the right decision. I'm a bit "cooked" on bike mileage right now, so I'm listening to my body and doing what it tells me to.

2 hour run up Leif Erickson trail.
Covered 13.3 miles in 1:57 which put me at a comfortable 8:45 pace. It rained hard for the first 10 minutes. Once I hit the trail head I was sheltered by trees and enjoyed my run in the forrest through the middle of our city. I was able to converse with Tom for a bit who was doing some nasty mnt biking intervals to prep for the Xterra Tri this weekend. Goooooo Tom. Most of my run was done with IM visualization - things are looking good :) The negative split on the way back was a great way to end the day.

Upon finishing I had a little devil on my shoulder aka Mark who convinced me into not one but two margarita's. Damn you! My spin will suffer in the morning....but really it's all about putting the time in, it's too late to add power, with that being said - bring on the margarita's!

Must sleep now, I have a date with my trainer and a couple episodes of LOST. I plan on working on my napping skills on the the bike in the morning. Good night moon!

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