Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swim a little

500 warm up

1 x 200 paddles
1 x 150 buoy
2 x 25 kickboard
repeat 1 x
1 x 100 easy

Main Set
3 x 500 intervals (100H, 50E, 100H, 50E, 100H, 50E, 50H) - 8:15, 8:20:8:22.
I grew weak on the second and third set and say pushed at 80% vs. the 90-100% I should have. F^%# it, I'm on taper - that's kind of my newly adapted mantra and I have to say I'm growing rather fond of it. A friend joined in mid swim. It was nice to have someone besides the aqua ladies (who can't swim straight to save their life OR SHARE a lane) to swim with. At some points I almost felt like I was synchronize swimming...but alas, I'd have to be a bit faster.

1 x 200 - cool down

Total yardage = 3100

I wonder why how I'm related to certain family members. Sometimes they make do this %^RDRYGLUHJKJKHH
Breathe, just breathe Kat

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