Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lovin taper :)

AM Spin
75 mins Z2 - avg watts 132
How I got lost watching LOST going nowhere beats the hell out of me.

I was going to OW swim this evening but it rained in the last day and the water is unsafe, got to love the Willamette river. Really thou that's only one of the reasons I opted out of swimming, as I could have always gone to the pool. As the day progressed my core and back started to hurt = accumulated fatigue. DOMS set in from the massive pilates session I did yesterday morning and my back was feeling the 2 hour trail run from last night + the spin session I did on my road bike which has yet to be fitted. I'm slowly cutting back on the weekly hours so I figured I would give myself the evening off to recover and make some waves in the pool tomorrow morning.

It's a friends birthday, going for night two in a row of margaritas...I could see this becoming habit forming :)

As my header states, I'm lovin taper.

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rellis12 said...

Hey Kit Kat, I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your excel sheet? I thought that I would come right to the source. I saw your post on trifuel and was hoping.....I love your blog! Funny/great outlook on life, thanks for sharing.