Saturday, August 8, 2009

My last long brick - Time to taper

Saturday - 4.5 hour bike/ 1.5 hour run brick

I was invited out for a long brick with one of my favorite power couples - Michele and Johan, I could not refuse.
I'm rounding off the end of a 5 week massive build, the purpose of the brick was to test out race day gear, do time duration and just take it easy - mission accomplished.

Bike - I'm not 100% certain about the bike route data, IE elevation and what not as Johan planned it out, I just wanted to put my time in. The first 14 miles or so was a steady climb, I dropped down into my little ring (double compact cassette) and just spun it out. Even though I was in the easy gear my wattage was a bit higher then what I wanted 160-200 for the first 70 mins of the ride. Once we reached the crest (beautiful view BTW) it was time to hit some rollers and then on to the a descent. Then came climb #2 again this one was done in my little ring, staying in the saddle and my wattage stayed between 160-210. Went on to do more rollers. I swear I have the worst luck with bees. I always get stung on the bike, this is the 3rd instance this year! I was descending down about 25-30mph and this big ass bee hits me in my face. Ouch! Not only does it sting but it sticks to my face. I quickly come to a stop, take off my glasses and throw the little f%^#er on the ground. I'm not sure what kind of bee it was but it had super venom and continued to flop around on the ground. The corner of my eye was on fire! The little f^%#%er brought me to tears. I decided to unleash my wrath and stomped the s^%# out of it. F$%# that hurt. The rest of the ride was mostly a descent. The descent was fun and I wish I could have enjoyed it more, my face throbbed and swelled for the rest of the ride.

We got back to the car to fill up water bottles and then did 30 min out and back along a different route. I highly enjoyed the second part..maybe it was because I knew I was almost done. Heading out I was pushing an effortless 20-25 mph. I thought I was on a false flat, I would later learn in was tailwind that pushed me along. There was one more climb at the end where I stayed between 175-200 watts, this lasted about 20 minutes. The climb wasn't too steep it just lasted a while. Coming back we hit the headwind and I felt as Casper the ghost was constantly push my bike backwards.
I think the total elevation gain was around 4500-4800ft. Ride last 4.5 hours and covered 67 miles.

Power tap data
Max HR 168/ avg HR 131
Max power 343/ normalized avg power 145/ avg power 127

Once we hit the car Michele and I transitioned into our run gear and took off for a 90 min run. I tested out my Gas cap (holds 6 GUs) and found that it could be an IM option. I ran and never noticed the GUs on my head, they weren't heavy and the cap is composed of a cool moisture wicking mesh. I like the cap and the concept behind it but found I may not need it and run with salts only. Powerbar sponsors IM and I know I can run with their Gel (did so for my first marathon), plus the Powerbar Gel hold 3-4x the electrolytes that GU does. So that's always an option. I also tested out the next Oiselle "Distance" short, which I <3. I'm soooo changing into a nice fresh pair of run shorts. I had a great run with Michele. We took it easy and tried out a 10 min run 1 min walk strategy. I really enjoyed walking, I think it's good mentally...the problem I have is if I'm not running with someone I'll end up walking for too long. I think I will end up doing a run walk strategy but do it in 30 sec. bursts and only at aid stations where I need GU/Gel and water. The run went really well for both Michele and I. One last confident brick is a good way to end my build.

Sunday - I didn't take an ice bath last night as I wasn't sore from the workout. I thought I may pay for that on Sunday but I didn't :) I woke up and my body felt A-ok. What didn't feel ok was my face. It felt like I had seriously been punched in the eye, it looked like it to. The bee sting had swollen up over night and my whole eye is red and almost swollen shut. I know I'm not allergic to bees (I've been stung far too often) but I've never had swelling so bad before. I had intended on swimming today but that won't be an option as I couldn't deal with goggles around my eyes. My eye hurts so bad all I want to do is close them, which has lead me to 3 naps today. I've slept 13 hours between last night and this morning/ afternoon. I decided to call today a wash.

Taper is welcomed at this point.

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