Monday, August 10, 2009

A friendly reminder - it's nice to have people watching out for ya

I spent the majority of the day dazed and confused. I woke up and my eye was twice as swollen as the previous morning. It took me a good 30 minutes to pry it open and keep it open. This was alarming so I called my doc. The good news was that I wasn't showing any signs of an allergic reaction. My symptoms are pretty "normal" for someone who got stung at 25+ mph. She advised to continue to ice and take Benadryl all day. I don't know what was more annoying, having what felt like 1/2 my face swollen, sleepy to the point of wanting to take nose dives into my keyboard, or lack of motivation.

By the end of the day all I wanted to do was go home and nap BUT I napped all day yesterday. I know I didn't need that much sleep, it was the stupid drugs. I decided to ignore my instinct and instead drove up to Wildwood for a 2 hour trail run. I'm putting my stuff in the back of the trunk when I notice my phone ringing, it's on silent, I just happened to see it flashing. Unknown number, which I usually won't answer but since my phone died I don't know anyone's number anymore, so I answered. It was my first tri mentor. Darrell was calling to check in and see how my training and the start of my taper was going. I told him my concerns of tapering too early with this stupid bee sting and this, that and the next thing. He reminded me that all my training was done. All I need to do is keep up endurance for another week and then relax and let my body heal for the 2 weeks after. He reminded me to listen to my body. I got off the phone with him and started my run. 2 minutes in I turned back to the car. I was really dizzy and felt nausea. I feared if I ran onward it would be a bad decision and I would end up falling, and possibly injuring myself. So I went home.

I still wanted to get my time in so I went with the safest option - indoor trainer. Ugh, I hadn't been on the trainer for over 2 spin felt like an eternity. It was hot. Maybe 75 outside, I'm sure my apartment got up to 85 or 90 without a fan. I was pretty delirious for most of the ride...which was fine by my, I kept my HR and wattage low and just spun the time out. I was entertained highly entertained by 3 episodes of LOST.

Max HR 169(this was at the end when I was hot and tired)/Avg HR 152
Max Watts 176/ Avg watts 126

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Mike said...

Get well soon! That doesn't sound like any fun. Remember that rest is as important as any other part of training. You can start your taper today! :)