Friday, August 7, 2009

A new swim PR :)

Evening swim
I knew this swim wouldn't be long so I put in strong, forceful effort

500 warm up - 8:05 - hot damn!

1 x 200 paddles; 10
2 x 25 kickboard; 15 - these always hurt the hell out of my quads. I think I could win a kickboard race, I freaking fly! Once again, proof that my legs are my power engine.
1 x 200 buoy; 10
2 x 25 kickboard; 15 - ouch!

2 x 500's -fast, hard and strong - just how I like my men :), did I just say that?
First 500 came in on a 7:51 - my fastest pool/training time before this was a 8:03. My fastest pool 500 was on a race and I hit a 7:50. My second 500 was a 7:47 - PR baby! Can I just say it feels awesome to PR something at the end of a massive build leading up to an IM taper?

200 easy cool down

Total yardage - 2200

I've noticed a change in body form, stroke and power in the last week or two and contribute it to an article I read in Triathlete Magazine. The topic of discussion was about high elbows. Prior to this article high elbows was explained to me as "recovery". It was never described as stroke power or body form positioning in the water. I can't explain the article well but it broke it out into something about keeping the elbow high and bent allowed the water to flow over the forearm (more hydronamic?) and then power/force pulling down AND as the arm enters the water it creates pull and twist with the torso. I have constantly felt my abs engaged! Anywho, if you want specs or someone that explains it well (not I) check out the July or August edition or Triathlete Magazine. It was very well written :)

I have never left work on a Friday with so much work on my plate waiting for me on Monday. This is actually a good thing. Lots 'o work will keep me busy and might help mask the kick off to taper....just a little bit. I'm a very lucky girl as I luv my job

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