Thursday, March 26, 2009

A very loooooong day

I forgot all my tools for drills at home, so I quickly threw together a masochistic endurance/interval workout
Morning swim

500 warm up

Main Set
1 x 300 (first 100 easy, middle 100 moderate, last 100 HARD); rest 20
1 x 300 (first 100 moderate, middle 100 HARD, last 100 easy); rest 20
1 x 300 (first 100 HARD, middle 100 easy, last 100 moderate); rest 20
repeat 3 x total

Cool down
2 x 100s

Total yardage 3500

Mid-way through the main set I decided I was an idiot. This set was really hard, not really something I should have pulled out on a recovery week. Although I do allow myself one hard swim workout during these weeks so this one took the cake. Good lord it was hard. On the couple 300s I really, REALLY, REALLY wanted to quit. My arms and lats were starting to burn. I tried to channel my sugar high from my cookie binge last night but it wasn't working. Energy was fading and fading fast. The last 300 I completely zoned out.

Work felt like it lasted forever. I'm not one to complain about my job, it is pretty much a dream come true but we all have nightmares days, right? Communication barriers can be a pain in the ^%#^$!!!

Evening spin - 90 mins
Unwound with a 90 min spin at moderate endurance wattage avging 147 with a 182 max. HR stayed nice at low at 141. I was highly amused by Ugly Better. How I <3 that series.

Now I must drink some Sleepy Time Yogi tea so I can get to bed early to rise and swim/aqua run early.

I have another ART appointment tomorrow evening, I needed a status update on my injury, I feel like I will never heal :( but at least I'm making the best of my training that I can.

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Rainmaker said...

I have not heard of this Ugly Better you speak of... ;)

Also, what is this cookie binge, I need to understand it in more detail.

Ohh - ART - I finally scheduled my ART thingy for next Friday.