Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cut to the chase

Morning Aqua Run - 65 mins

1:06:10 it took me to run 1750 yards. I think that's my slowest mile to date - pretty certain about that. My Ipod kept me from going completely numb.

Evening spin - 60 min
Steady moderate spin - via wattage 52% threshold/ 46% endurance
via HR 93% endurance

Max watts 189/ avg watts 161
max HR 151 (really pushed it didn't I? :)) / avg HR 137

Get to see the doc again tomorrow night. I'm still going to be another week or two out from running. Some days my leg is ok and just has minor stiffness, others it's irritated and annoyed.


Chad said...

I missed your new bike pic, so I went back through your old posts to find Carnage. BEE-YOU-TIFUL.

Jill Costantino said...

Hope everything goes well with the Dr.