Friday, March 6, 2009

Aqua Running

Aqua Run- 60 mins

10 min warm up
8 mins of drills - high knees, fast feet and tail kickers (when I could touch the bottom, it was almost impossible to do these in the deep end)

30 mins of high intensity sprints -
50 yard repeats with 15 sec rests at the wall. It took me about 1:40 to do each repeat maxing my HR out at 175 - these kicked my ass.

12 min cool down run

10 min recovery in hot tub/ 10 minute icing

My leg is slowly feeling better. I was able to run in the shallow end without pain today :) I wore my compression tights to bed last night and still woke up mid-sleep to twitchy legs *le sigh* I wish that would just go away. Who knew you could chaff running in the water? My TYR suit rubbed the hell out of my rib cage, hopefully body glide will help next time. Live and learn. Melancholy kicked in mid-day. I have HUGE windows all around my office desk, it was a beautiful day. Not just beautiful, but absolutely gorgeous. I wanted nothing more then to go out for an afternoon run....but instead I got the scenic view of the gym pool walls this morning. At least there were no high school kids to make fun of me this time around.

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Coachhrd said...

The aqua running really is great. I've tried at different times of injury. A couple of women at my health club do it by strapping themselves to the side of the pool with a rubber hook cable and belt. They do this once a week for as long as an hour for a "cross-training" exercise.