Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My soul is coming back :)

Jumped out of bed eager to spin.

90 min spin

10 min easy warm up - 130-150 watts
20 min threshold - 160-170 watts
10 min easy - 130-140 watts
20 min threshold - 160-175 watts
10 min easy - 130-140 watts
15 min threshold - 160-170 watts
5 min easy - 130-140 watts

Max wattage 199/ Avg 153
Max HR 171 / Avg 158

I'm happy to be back on the bike and put in some good effort, it's sad my good effort was the same in December. Fitness will all come back in good time I suppose. My uper body was uber fatigued from the swim the day before, the TT bike did not help matters. I wish I counted how many times I cracked my back, shoulders and arms today, it was unreal.

Evening Aqua Jog!

Boy oh Boy did I look like a moron.

10 min warm up jog.
(thankfully this is done off of time and not distance, I felt like I was going nowhere.)

1 x 25 heel to butt kick; 10 (wow, this is really difficult)
1 x 25 high knees; 10 ( much easier and kind of fun)
1 x 25 strides; 10 (almost impossible)
1 x 25 sprint; 10 (ahahahahahaha!)
repeat 3 x

Main set
15 x 1:00 - 40 sec sprints; 20 sec recoveries

10 min cool down

"Jogged" for 45 minutes.

I wonder, can one "RUN" in the water? I will not be called a jogger....I AM AN AQUA RUNNER. Ahahahahahaha!
This was quiet the workout, it seriously handed me my tail. First I had to deal with looking like a complete fool in the pool. Here I am with my TYR 2 pc, aqua belt and shoes trying to run down the lap lane with a bunch of high school boys watching from the hot tub. I really didn't think I was capable of being embarrassed, I mean it's kind of hard to do when you're used to making an ass out of yourself. But aqua "running" brought me to another level. *le sigh* To put the icing on the cake some high school couple kept going from the hot tub to my lane to make out. The other lane was free, in fact the other side of my lane was free....instead the dillholes took my side/lane corner turnaround to have their makeout sessions. $%#@sticks. I hope I killed the "mood" for them, unbelievable. Anywho, I got my "run" in, I am a happy Kat. My leg feels ok. It gets stiff but the pain is slowly dying down. I'm pretty sure ICE will be standard practice post workouts for the next few months.

Recovered with a good friend and good sushi. I get to see the doc again tomorrow, wish me luck!

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Ottem16 said...

Hey Kat! It's great to see you got a "run" in. LOL I would have paid to see you out there, sounds like it was a blast. It's good to hear that you got a good spin in as well.