Thursday, March 12, 2009

Powerful doubles

500 warm up

1 x 250 buoy; 10
1 x 250 paddles; 10
repeat 1 x

2 x 50 one arm catch up;10
2 x 50 finger drag; 10

Main Set
By oh Boy! 100s!
10 x 100 on 1:45's - I was VERY consistent this morning and nailed each one within 2 sec 1:34-1:36. My flip turns were as clean as they've ever been, everything felt like it came together - energy, form, breathing. I felt like a little mermaid.

300 Cool down

But wait....I didn't feel done yet, so I played in the water a bit
1 x 25 - two breaths down
1 x 25 - no breath - this is an euphoric feeling. Having no air from being anaerobic is so different from having no air from...well having no air. I think most of it is a complete mind-%^#. Knowing as you dip down under the water that last breath of air is going to get you all the way to the end....come 2/3's of the way loosing what you have to reach the wall breathless, it's sickly enjoyable and I appear to have no issues with it.
1 x 50
repeated this little bit of fun 1 x

200 cool down - for real I suppose

Total yardage - 3,400

***Noon hits and my lats are now burning ~ this only lasted for 3-4 hours though :)**************

Evening spin

I fueled myself well today and my leg has been feeling pretty good so I decided to push myself on my spin. Good lord I love my bike! Aero is becoming very comfortable.

75 mins spin - POWER baby :)

Max watts 228/ Avg watts 178
Time duration - 48% Threshold/42% race pace :) / 9% endurance (warm up/cool down)
HR Max 167 / HR avg 148 :D

Go me!

Icing now, off to recovery with sushi - I may eat the whole place, massage/rolling , icing compression and sleep. Then as long as my leg doesn't cop an attitude I will attempt to run tomorrow morning - on land, then hit the water.

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Coachhrd said...

Keep up the recovery!