Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another double

Morning Spin - 75 mins - 5 x 10 min big ring intervals.

Eh, these suck first thing in the morning. I might not be so bad if I was able to down some breakfast and allow digestion to take place, but who has time for that? Instead I popped a GU and off I went. Each 10 minute interval was done in the hardest gear focusing on smooth pedal strokes and power. Big ring intervals wattage ranged from 180-200 watts with 5 min recoveries between 135-150.

Work was uber busy as always, all the Spring 09 product is arriving. I feel like an elf around Christmas time. Planning and buying, then creating and processing all the toys. I was able to check out the TYR line today, I'm totally in love with their Jungle Trikini top and Monokini bottom. I am so going to rock bikini bottoms in a race this year. I've got the legs so why the hell not?

Post work I hit the pool again for an aqua jog - which might just be the death of me soon.
60 min aqua run
10 min warm up jog
10 min of drills - a$$ kickers, high knees and quick turn over.
10 x 50 yard sprints - I envisioned my legs where piston on an Formula One car revving at 17,000 RPMs. This %#$ was hard! HR reached I 178 during the sprints and that all I really had left after the morning spin session.
5 mins of more drills
10 min easy cool down run

I recovered in the hot tub. I have found that the jets work very well on massaging my IT Band. Felt soooooo good. Post workout I recovered with a bad ass frosty, I don't remember the last time I had one - it was blissful.

My quads are seriously swollen and achy. I wore my Zoot compression recovery tights all day and have iced on and off. I'm going to finish the night off with some pilates and the foam roller. I hope it helps.
I picked up some Valerian and Kava Root tonight. I'm going to try Valerian tonight to see if it helps my sleep. The insomnia has been getting worse. 2 hours after sleep I'm awake, and I keep waking up every 2-3 hours. To make matters worse the nightmares about running have returned. I'm now rounding off the 6th week of not running. I still don't feel comfortable trying, in fact I fear it. The pain has been present for so long I fear it will never go away. In my dreams I see a vivid picture of muscle tearing, I also fall on my leg over and over and over again. I wish they would go away. I wish I could run again. I wish a lot of things. I'm lucky that I am a driven person and have the motivation to step one positive foot in front of another. Because for the most part, I've realized I can't count on my friends. Well my real friends, the VERY few that have offered to meet me for swims or spins. It's disappointing, I signed up for this IM with a huge pretty close (or what I thought was close) group, I thought they would have been more supportive. Actions speak louder then words.....


Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

Hey Kat,
Wow, you push, push, push and push some more. Then push again just to get another push in there.
I'm really glad to see your finally able to make some fitness progress.
Friends, yeah I here ya! But don't let that bother you too much. That kind of distraction can be more toxic than the down time from an injury. You decided to take the IM journey for Kat, not them. It's your joy that makes you tri.
TYR, yeah always been a fan. I'll be using them this season and having some custom printing done on my race wear.
Good Luck! I'll stay updated!

B said...


I invited you to pilates other night, via facebook....lets keep trying. And dude, I am all about trying out some aquajogging.

What is on tap for this weekend? I will train with you all you want, for as long as you can stand me, that is. (grin)

Jill Costantino said...

Nice work Kat!
Next time you order a frosty, get some fries and dip them in it - Seriously so yummy!!!!

Rainmaker said...

Nicely done.

I would swim and spin with ya...but there's this little issue of 3,000 miles. Otherwise - I wouldn't ditch ya!