Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweatin the flu out

Sleep sucked, woke up every 2 hours, managed to fall back to sleep 15-20 minutes after waking, better then most insomniac night. Upon waking I realized my body aches and nausea had disappeared, thank God. I had a long workout planned wasn't sure how I would deal with it.

Morning swim
Warm up

1 x 250 buoy;10
1 x 250 paddles;10

8 x 25 - alternating one arm catch up and finger drapgs; 10
3 x 100s- 25 A-Ok, 25 fist, 25 karate, 25 free; 15

Main Set
5 x 200's - 3:30
This is the first time I fit consistent 3:15's without fading, managed 15 sec recoveries ready to attack again. I contribute this success to being high off of Theraflu and GU Roctane, great combination. Really though I think the drugs might have helped loosen my body up a little, I'm a stiff swimmer. Managed to hold a 183-185 HR for the duration :D

Cool down
200 buoy
300 easy

Total yardage - 3,000

Immediatly jumped into a 60 min aqua run

My co-worker made these AMAZING York Peppermint brownies. I took a small one and had it post swim/run recovery :)
My leg still hurts, some days worse then others. I think I'm going to hold off on trying to run for awhile. I'm becoming amused with this aqua running thing, at least I have that.

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