Monday, March 16, 2009


Sleep sucked. I woke up three times, twice my legs twitching and once my tummy growling. I should have gone to bed in my compression tights. Still, my alarm went off at 6 and I was wide awake to start spinning. My body on the other hand wasn't on board. I hoped on the TT and my legs felt uber heavy, not just my legs but my back, my body is on fire. Today was scheduled to be easy recovery spin so as long as my injury wasn't flared up I was going to DO IT. 10 minutes in and my legs loosened up and I pedaled freely. They were still tired but an "easy" workout was well within the realm. 70 mins avg 143 watts.

As the day went on my body ached more and more, mainly throughout my neck was a tad bit sore as well. I did 2 hours of aqua running yesterday, it was tough but I can't see it inflicting DOMS this bad or affecting my neck. Right after lunch I was seriously nauseated. Then the headache hit me, extreme pressure build up. I assumed it was a sinus headache but the pain never went away after medicine. The nauseousness grew worse as the afternoon went on. My evening plans were to attempt to run again and then join the local tri club for the weekly swim. There was no way this was going to happen. I convinced myself that I could easily just suck it up and try to run for 10-15 minutes when I got home. I mean what is 10-15 minutes going to do? If I was going to spew it was going to happen run or not. And shit you not as soon as I put on my gear to run I upchucked all over my bedroom. %^#$& GROSS! I then had to clean up the mess I had just made which prompted onset gagging. To make matters worse all I want to do is lie in bed and my room smells like vomit. Fabreeze isn't cutting it. Wait, maybe it's me. Ewwwww, so gross. Hopefully a hot bath and night in bed will help calm the storm that appears to have taken over and unleashed it's wrath on me.

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Ottem16 said...

Yikes... sorry to hear you are sick. Nice job on ralphing in the room. lol Get well soon.