Monday, March 2, 2009

Upper body is an inferno

Morning Swim

500 warm up

1 x 500 paddles
2 x 250 A-ok 50; karate 50, fist 50, 100 alternating one arm glide; 15 sec

5 x 200s
#1 - 3:17
#2 - 3:20
#3 - 3:25 - extra 10 sec rest, so I started on the 3:40
#4 - 3:20
#5 - 3:25

Eh, I had no power this morning. My upper body was really fatigued upon waking, I think this was from the 90 min spin on Carnage the night before. I think my body is going to take awhile to get used to riding in that position. I really wanted to quit after I had to take the extra 10 sec rest, but there is no quitting in IM and right now the swim is all I have, so I used that as motivation to finish.

200 easy
100 sprint - it felt like a sprint as I was uber fatigued but my time of 1:40 didn't reflect it :(
200 easy

Total yardage - 3,000

***Side note - I wore my Zoot recovery compression tights last night. First time my body didn't go numb, I was able to wear them all night.

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celmore said...

I love my compression sock and tights.