Friday, March 13, 2009

How I spend my Friday nights

Let's back up a bit to my alarm buzzing at 5:45 this morning. I pop up out of bed excited yet groggy as all hell. I had a fantastic sleep thanks to a sleep enhancement but was feeling the aftermath this morning, I felt like I was moving in slow motion, even being well rested and excited for my workout. Today I was going to test out my run! I quickly made it to the gym, put my stuff away and hoped on the treadmill. Started with a quick brisk walk.....ok. Upped it a bit to where I had to hop along - 11:30 min/mile. Uh.....hoping doesn't feel to good. Got up to an 11 min/mile and the pain just got worse. Felt like I had a deep shin splint going up my shin of course and then stabbing me in the knee. 90 seconds in and I threw in the towel, this was not going to work, my leg was not ready. I thought I had been well prepared for this bringing along all my aqua running gear, but alas....I left my swimsuit at home %^$%$#$%#%$#^$%#$%#$%#%$#$%#^$%!!!!!!!!!

Let's bring us to the present - my Friday night

I left work excited to hit the gym and get my lost workout in

Swim - 45 mins

300 warm up

Main set - Ladder
4 x 100's - 75 easy/25hard - 20
4 x 100's - 50 easy/50 hard - 15
4 x 100's - 75 hard/25 easy - 10 (really? I don't think anything was "easy" at this point)
4 x 100's - 100 HARD - 5 (who call's 5 secs a rest?????)

300 cool down

Total yardage - 2200

Gu down and on to my aqua run

There's not much fitness wise to report here. 60 mins of aqua running at a moderate level. Managed to keep my HR Avg to 160. You know, 60 mins running up and down a pool lane gives you a lot of time to think.

*Why the hell don't people use pool etiquette? If there are two lanes, one lane is empty and free and one lane a person is running down the side of, "hang out in the empty $^%$ing lane". Once again I had a make-out couple "float" into my side of the lane....and with them was a stupid friend whom couldn't speak english OR SWIM in the deep end which forced me to move to the other side since they were holding onto the wall. Seriously WTF?!!!!
*A preteen boy came in and swam in florescent orange and green long swim trunks and what looked like a turtle neck. If that wasn't odd enough his dad or older male adult in his life came to watch him. Just stood at the end of the pool and watch him attempt to swim and lobby back and forth between the pool and hot tub.
*The first 20-30 minutes of aqua running sucks....I think this about running on land though too.
*I ran and ran and ran tonight, it felt great.
*I was highly amused listening to an older women tell me about her kids as she lazily breast stroked next to my aqua run. It was nice to chat with someone. This is one thing that I miss most about running. No one ever wants to talk with me when I'm aqua running :(
*Had some pretty rockin tunes on the Ipod and caught myself dancing a bit in the water....another example of Kat's weirdness.
*It amazes me how many people either don't know how to swim or just float around in the pool. Again pool etiquette.
*Ice does a body good
*2 hours in the water turns a 28 yr old into a raisin.

My Friday night was spent at a 24 HR Fitness Pool - I am Kat, I am a triathlete.


wha said...


Two things.
First off, GOOFBALL! Your first attempt back at running should NOT be on a treadmill. Treadmills are tough! You want soft. And Gentle.
Like a trail. Or some grass.
Silly girl.

Next, I swim at 24hr fitness too. Which one do you go to? I use the Pearl. We should do some gym workouts sometime you ever lift? I walk right past all the weights because I haven't the faintest idea what to do with them.


Rainmaker said...

I never even considered the fact that aqua-running folks would run together and chat. That's actually pretty cool. And the bonus is you double-up on a lane. Sometimes aqua-runners all take thier own lane. Soooooo frustrating.