Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 hours and 3200 yards later....

I finished my aqua run.

Let's back up to right before the run. My leg has been feeling pretty good so I went for attempt#2 at running today, this time I made sure I packed my swimsuit to aqua run after.

I decided to take a short run around my gym neighborhood. The first few hops were good and then a little pain kicked in. The pain was weird, it didn't hurt like I was doing damage to my leg, it hurt/felt like I had never ran before. This was a little odd since everything felt pretty effortless. My legs moved freely, my body leaned more and interestingly enough I was landing on the ball of my foot, not the mid-heel (heel is bad I know this) as I had in the past. 4 minutes in I stopped and stretch my leg out, hoping that would help the pain subside. Again I started running. This lasted a 6-7 minutes before I stopped to stretch out my leg again. The pain was growing stronger and this time after stretching I noticed I had a bit of a limp in my walk. So I made it back to my car and called it good - for land running that is. I was out there for 15 minutes total and probably ran 11-12 minutes of it. I covered a little over a mile and I am happy for that. Lol, it's funny - I wasn't out there long but I enjoyed every little second of it, I was running and that's all that mattered.

I immediatly changed into my suit and aqua running gear and hit the pool - today I was shooting for a time PR. I knew 2 hours of running in the pool would be difficult. Not only is it boring as all hell but it's a lot of resistance on the body. I took it easy for the duration and kept my HR between 154 and 164. The first 30 minutes flew by pretty quickly. Then some random dude jumped in and started wadding by my side. I think he was trying to run as he said he always aqua ran but after watching him you could easily see he had no clue. He started to make small talk which I was happy to engage in until I came to think of him as a tool. The comments he made soon annoyed me. He was making attempts to flirt but they just came off cheesy and unattractive. For instance, he complimented my aqua shoes and said he needed a pair, that the pool floor gave him calluses. Really? You're whining about calluses? Dude would never want to see my feet then. I don't even think aqua shoes prevent calluses, you still shift around in them. The whole purpose is to get traction and added resistance. Then he asked if I was going for distance or time. Proof homie is not an aqua runner, you can't quantify an aqua run, it's pointless. Yes, I kept track of my yardage today, but that was in all fun, there was nothing else behind it. Once I told him I was going for 2 hours he nearly shit himself, then went on to talk about how I must be in great shape and yada yada yada. At this point I turned up my Ipod and ignored the rest of his comments. At the end of his jog he said me if I wanted him to come back in an hour and we could go for recovery food. AHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH! I giggled and asked why he would get would think that? He just thought it was a nice offer. AHAHAHAHAHA! I'm such a bitch. I laughed and replied "You only lasted 20 minutes" and turned to run the other way. Ok, so it was mean, but it he was a tool and it made me laugh on and off the rest of my run. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Note: Don't hit on people when they are working out. Training is not a dating service.
Thankfully I downloaded a ton of new songs for my Ipod which kept me moderately entertained. Around 90 minutes and I was turning into a prune. I was also started receiving glares by people waiting to swim, all 4 sides of the two lanes were in use. Two of the sides were used by people "floating" around. WTF? I suggested to the "waiters" that they ask the "floaters" to share a side and then they could lap swim a side. This worked out....for awhile. Then some of the "floaters" came over onto my side....BUT I did not move. Screw them, I was there first. I ran forward until we were inches apart and made them move. I ran out of water 100 minutes in, really needed more but at that point the lane side was about survival. If I got out I would have given up my spot and that would have caused me to take some one out. So on I ran. 2 hours total and I ended up covering 3200 yards.

I recovered with some bomb-a$$ BBQ from Reo's Ribs, I <3 that place. Leave it to Snoop Dogg's cousins to throw down some mean BBQ. Now, I sit on my pillow top feather bed. My body hurts, it is sore and tired all over. My calves, quads, abs and forearms are heavily fatigued. I'm hoping the foam roller will help things out as I have an early morning spin coming my way.
BUT my leg in the injured area is A-Ok :)

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Scott said...

Way to tough out the long boring pool run. Reminds me that I need to avoid a running injury. I also need to avoid dating if all girls are as harsh as you. I still laughed at the "only 20 minutes" comment.