Thursday, October 1, 2009

Burn baby burn

Today was my first time at the track since Lord only remembers when. The track has this way of making me sick. It will set on a fire of fear and make me feel like a coward. I will dread the "date" that takes place on recycled running shoes and white lines for hours prior. Then at some point I'll suck it up and do what has to be done.

Since I haven't done speed work since I fractured my fibula I decided to "go easy" and not hold myself accountable to unrealistic time expectations. My pre injury track workouts would consist of drills followed up with 800 or 1600 repeats. I could pull out 8 x 800s at 3:30s and 4-5 x 1600s at 7:10-7:15s with 1-2 min floats. I know I can hit that, today just wasn't going to be the instead I did this

10 min warm up - 1.25 miles

20 min barefoot run - 2.5 miles PE - easy. I freaking LOVE running barefoot. I feel so free, I feel like I'm a kid again. I truly think it is the best feeling in the world.

45 mins of drills
Side strides
Long strides (which is a lot of work for me since I have NO stride what so ever. My buddy and I were talking about this, I think we're in agreement that I can blame it on my 29 inch inseam. I have short limbs people!)
Bench Steps
Pull ups - oh wait, that was FAILURE because I'm a weaka$$, no upper body strength what-so-ever
Lunges (ouch!)
Bench Dips
Push Ups
Tail kickers
hmmmm, am I missing anything?

Upon completion my calves started to ache. They were telling me to stop, so I listened. Iced on the car ride home as I sunk my limp body into my toasty heated seats.

Foam roller tonight and expecting DOMS tomorrow morning-mid/day. I think I'll start the morning off right with an easy recovery spin. Lactic flush at its best!

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cherelli said...

Oh yes, hearing you on the vertically challenged person thing. My sister is a runner, her legs go up a long way...meanwhile all I can do is try and cycle my legs over quicker as they aren't going to get high enough to do long strides any time soon!