Monday, October 5, 2009

Curiosity - kills the Kat

What girl doesn't like to shop?
This girl! I hate it almost as much as I hate doing laundry.
I'd like to hear from you - what is it you look for in a coach?
No, not a handbag. A coach as in a mentor. I need someone who is going to be able to hand me my ass and do it with enough authority and tack that I will listen and respect them.

I'm curious -
*Does your coach have to be "faster" than you? Or just show results of improving an athlete's times?
*For multisport - Do you choose someone that excels in your weakness? Or look for someone that balances all three equally?

There are many choices and options. Researching and interviewing is taxing. If I'm shelling out a monthly car payment to have someone tell me what to do it needs to be the right person. I need to find a light at the end of this long ass tunnel.

On to my next question. To cut my hair or not to? I ask myself this once or twice a year. I've always had long hair....except for when I was a kid, then I was fat and looked like a marshmallow. Round little kid with an uber blond bowl haircut, yea, I was a marshmallow on the spot. Times have changed and I'm no longer fat, thus I could pull off a short hair cut. But then I think about how women cut their hair to feel young again and end up regretting it. I already feel young, I don't need to loose my hair for that. I also don't need the "short" old women look either. I suppose I'm just bored.


Eric said...

my coach is a guy that have been 15 years in triathlon he knows his the beginning I thought is was to low then to much then didnt know what to think until the first races of the season that results start showing up I improve a lot from there I have just stick to what he says evenly some times I think is no enough other times I think he is crazy for the amount of stuff so its varies form week to week
Make sure you know the person or you talk to him because some time the way the person thinks and behave is key good luck

Chuckie V said...

You don't need a coach. You just need to continue to hunker down and do the necessary training, while listening to your body (and not always your head!). Choose your goal then swim, bike, run, repeat. It's simple, really. But don't let this simplicity lead you into thinking for even a minute that it's easy! Oh, and those who try to tell you any differently are likely out to sell you something.

By the way, the word is "tact" and not "tack". How's that for tact?!



Philip said...

I went with a 'team' rather than 'coach' this PRs across the board. The team's forum is great, shared suffering and motivation. Check out the group thing.... :)