Thursday, October 15, 2009

TSF - should not be ignored

After too much it all finally hit me....I have bad luck/IE cursed and I'm sick :(

I should have paid more attention to my training journal - starting from my second week post IM, brings me to 6 weeks and I've only had 5 off days. Not to leave out;
**I did Vegas w/work
**Bike commuting to work in crap-tastic weather cold and side ways rain
**Have been known to drink myself silly on more occasions than I care to remember, or could for that matter

I can't account for the bad luck, eh...shit happens, right? But I shouldn't have neglected my TSF - Training Stress Factors.

During the season I am on schedule - 3 week build, followed by one week extra rest and recovery days. Shouldn't the "off" have more rest days than then "on"? The answer is yes.

A little extra rest time and I'll go back to the drawing board.

Still have yet to settle on a coach....
Still not sure if I want one
Still not sure that I need one, although looking at this blog post it should be clear I do.

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