Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marathon Day!

And I was sooooooooooooooo happy I wasn't running it.

I spent the early morning biking around the Portland Marathon course with Jess and her mom, stopping and cheering for the boys - Mark, Scott and Daniel. I met Mark around mile 18-19 with whom I ran with for awhile and then ended the last 7 miles running with Scott. All 3 men gave great effort and should be proud of their accomplishments under said circumstances, I know I'm proud of them.

Fun/or just odd highlights of the day -
*Am I really awake at 3am? More coffee, NOW
*Talking with Jess's mom about triathlon, it's always inspiring to hear about your elders rockin' triathlon.
*The pee/ water bottle incident outside of Starbucks...ewwww, followed up Vaseline and the scone...ewwww!
*Racing around from check point to check point.
*Voodoo doughnuts and Stumptown coffee, mmmmm
*Mark and Scott dancing during the run around mile 19-20
*See'ing friends along the marathon course
*Running the last 7 miles with Scott
*Hearing about all my friends finishes - what a day!
*Fire On The Mountain raspberry and habenero hot wings

Way to go to all my friends rockin the marathon - Mark, Scott, Daniel, Joe, Dave, MaryJane, Diane, Cat, Scott and Meredeth - you all are awesome.

Today was an easy 9 mile recovery run. The DOMS from Thursday are finally going away. Today was day 10 in a row for me. I figure I should take tomorrow off and all my energy to rebuild.

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