Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obstacles shall not stand in my way- I'll jump over them

"When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Yesterday's little fiasco commuting in and home pretty much had me at my wits end. Oregon's crap-tastic weather has really started to beat me up on my rides. I don't like riding in 40 degree side ways rain. Who does? And really, I could deal with the first flat. But then getting another on the way home....that was the last straw. I was so ready to kick the S^&$ out of Feltalia and call her every name in the book, yet somehow I didn't. I didn't want my commuting to work to come to an end. Deep down I knew it was going to happen sooner than later. But now was not the time. When my commuting ends I will be the one who ends it, not a stupid ^%#&$ flat tire.

When life throws you rotten lemons you make some sweet a$$ lemonade. This morning I told Feltalia to go F%^# herself. I strapped on my camelback of work clothes and fuel (food) and ran my tail to work and back.

AM Run into work - 6.5 miles 8 min avg rockin my oh so pretty Newtons.
The run into work felt great. Running in 40 degree rain is much better than biking IMHO. I stopped in the rain puddles as if I were a 5yr old kid again, trying to make the biggest splash. The water was cold on my feet but that was temporary as I was running in Smartwool. Wool has to be the best fiber known to man. It gets wet yet keeps me warm. I ran across a wooden bridge and a man ran across my mind. This man keeps running around up there. I wonder if he just doesn't know where the exit is. I suppose I'll keep it hidden as I'm enjoying it.

PM Run home - 6.5 miles 8:10 min avg rockin my Brooks.
Ugh, the was not pleasant. By the afternoon I had grown pretty tired. I kept trying to re-energize with Starbucks. I think that did more harm than good. I'd get highs and really low lows. The caffeine dehydrated me and cramped my tummy. My body didn't feel good running for the first 30 minutes. I felt slooooooow. I felt better at the end. I contribute that to knowing that the end was near. I was sure my pace had fallen off. I felt like I was running 9-10 min avgs. When I checked my time at the finish I had only ran :10 more per mile than my morning run. Perception's any interesting thing.

On another note - I really like my room mate. She's a f^$%ing hoot!

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