Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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*The move just about killed me. Scratch that - several Four Loco's, apple infused vodka, three flights of stairs and picking up endless heavy boxes just about killed me.
*3 much needed days off from training of any sort - motivation was gone.
*Kat naps instead of sleep within a duration of 48 hr is NOT enough.
*You know it's going to be a long move when the boys crack open a beer the first U-Haul trip in. To be fair their were only 2 trip involved. Dave took the smart route and left quickly, but still had to "tri" the Four Locos
*Jesse was introduced to Four Loco's, I don't think she'll be going back.
*The boys were running around with my wigs on and Halloween was still a week away.
*I can feel my lungs through my back when I breathe, I don't believe this is a good thing.
*I learned the definition of D.A.D.S - don't ask
*I have one bad ass spin/training room.
*My room is uber Feng Shui

Today I finally felt back to normal. Woke up early to get my pilates in, followed up with a run.
AM run - 60 mins - 7 miles /8:20 avg
Brrrr, it was a chilly 44 degrees this morning. Lucky for me the rain stopped as I started running. It felt good to run yet hurt at the same time. It was nice to be out before dawn. Running while people are just waking up, eating their breakfast and drinking their coffee. My legs felt light and free flowing, my lungs on the other hand felt encapsulated. The cold air was restricting. My lungs burned as did my core temp. I over heated. I was dressed adequately. My heart was forced to work much harder due to the winter like weather. As it painfully burned I embraced it with a smile.

First day bike commuting from the new place. It's now twice as far to commute. Sure 6.5 miles is not that far but it feels like much more with training 1.5-2+ hours a day. Round trip I'll be getting 50-60 mins in. We'll see how long this will last as day light savings time hits and the "real" Oregon winter rolls around. I can handle some harsh conditions but am a bit of a scaredy Kat when it comes to biking in the dark and rain. I think I'll opt for running to and from work 1-2 days a week instead of biking. I managed to luck out and get dry commutes today.

And on a completely random topic.....
Someone has stolen my heart. I think they may be holding it for ransom.

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