Wednesday, October 28, 2009


AM Spin - 75 mins
15 min warm up
15 x 1 min Z5 intervals avg 230w/ w 2:00 floats
15 min cool down
Max watts 360/avg watts 154
Max HR 186 (pukey)/ avg HR 170

Bike commute in - 45 degrees. Fricking cold. I got a flat tire two miles away from work, I rode it in.

Bike commute home - maybe 50 degrees - another flat tire not even half way in. WTF?! I had inspected the tire when I changed it at lunch. Grrrrrr. As I attempt to change the tube I break off the stem on the new tube. %$#$%&!!! Now I'm stuck with a flat 4 miles from home. I have no walking shoes, only my bike shoes and the heels I brought to work. My bike light decides to die and it starts to sprinkle. I swear the world is pissing down on me. Luckily my room mate answers the phone and is able to rescue me from hell.

I think I'm done with commuting for awhile.

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