Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Neglectful blogging

Highlights, lowlights and everything in between

*Why am I still going to bed at 9pm on a Friday night?
*Jessie I think your mom might out do my mom :) hehe, but we will see
*I think I'm finally on defrost mode, we'll see how long this lasts
*Stuffed mushrooms, fruit salad and oh-so delish wine
*I am really excited to move in with my future room mate!
*2 hours on the damn in-door trainer. Why does 10 minutes feel like an hour? *sarcasm font applied here* Oh how I'm looking forward to winter in-door biking!
*Breathless, in a way I wasn't expecting
*Boxes, boxes and more boxes, I despise packing
*I'm so over LOST. Netflix finally hooked me up with Weeds season 4. Why am I addicted to corrupted suburbia?
*I suppose Mark, you're right, if I wasn't going to eat it in 06 I'm probably not going to eat in 09
*Tom Yum soup is the Bomb!
*30 minutes waiting for a damn pool lane line. Try putting your head in the water lady, and keep it there
*One can look like an ugly duckling yet be treated like a beautiful swan
*A smile says so much without saying anything
*Got my tail handed to me in the pool....damn Ironmen
*Why do my pen and tape go hiding when I start packing?
*IMCDA - possible? Please say so :)
*Dum, dum, dee, dum, dum, dum, dee, dum, dum - Coach or no coach? Still have not come to a conclusion
*I recently had one of the best dates in the last several years
*I love running through the morning mist of the forest; surrounded by red, orange and green foliage.
*I finally made it to Papa Haydn's. Their chocolate /vanilla cheesecake is pure utopia.
*My run stride is finally changing. I really want to start up barefoot running again. My feet are just not looking forward to cold track pavement. Eh, what doesn't kills us makes us stronger, right? Or develops frost bite.
*They're here ladies and gentlemen - Pumpkin Spice MAN-CAKES
*Listening to my friends and co-workers race experiences, future goals & desires inspire me. It also makes me feel oh-so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people
*4 hours of sleep is not enough to function right
*My Zoot Ultra NanoShell Jacket came in today, along with a pair of compression socks. Woot! Woot! or Zoot! Zoot!
*I believe I may have finally met my match......tbc

This Sunday I'm going to RUN like Hell for a 10k in costume - taking shots every hour. Who's with me?

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Rainmaker said...

I always enjoyed your random stream lists. Lots of fun tidbits in there.